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Aircraft diversity is our strength

We have one of the most extensive fleets in the test-flight training business. With representative aircraft from the fast-jet, multi-engine and rotary world, we can broaden your aviation experience and expose you to the wide range of technologies that may be encountered. Most importantly, our training ensures that when you graduate you have the essentials needed by a flight test professional to meet the challenges of testing and evaluating modern aircraft and their systems.

We use a combination of high performance military and civil, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, including those equipped for variable stability, to demonstrate the full spectrum of aircraft behaviours. In addition, our fleet is augmented by aircraft made available through links with other test centres and organisations around the world.

Some of our core training platforms, including our simulator are listed below; to learn more click on the links.

Platform Training Capability Benefits

The Agusta Westland 109 Power

  • Full authority digital engine control
  • Glass cockpit with integrated instrumentation read-outs
  • Monitor parameters in real time
  • Data recorded in flight and downloadable for later analysis

The Avro RJ (x2)

  • Large aircraft test techniques
  • Variable gravity demonstrations

The SAAB Gripen

  • Multi-role aircraft
  • Advanced flight control systems & performance testing
  • Advanced triplex fly-by-wire and associated systems

Skills and experience to test military aircraft as part of future procurement programmes

The ASTRA Hawk

  • Handling characteristics altered in-flight
  • Fly-by-wire

Experience multiple aircraft handling in one flight

Flight simulator – Rotary wing

  • Full motion simulator
  • Variable flying control feel characteristics
  • Customisable head down displays, including real time telemetry

Experience training synthetically prior to flying it in the real aircraft to enhance the learning environment

Flight simulator – Fast jet

  • Full motion simulator
  • Accurately represents ASTRA hawk to allow flight control system development and testing.

Experience the development of a modern high order flight control system from the desktop, through the simulator, then to the ASTRA Hawk